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Welcome to the Elder Care Resource Center. This website was created by dedicated New York eldercare professionals with one goal in mind: to provide information and contacts to those who need help. With over 2,000 links to elder care resources including government benefits, support organizations, geriatric doctors and skilled nursing facilities, this website is the first place to go when you need elder care information. We invite you to review our selected resource categories. Information is key when you need help, so remember to bookmark our site for your future needs.

Free Guidebook: How to Plan for Aging Parents 2020

As your parents age, dealing with their health issues and financial concerns will likely become an issue you will need to face. There will come a time when you can no longer provide the care and assistance that they need and you will find yourself asking, "What should I be doing to help them?"

Free Guidebook: How to Plan for Aging Parents

Elder Care Resources

United States Government Resources
The Federal Government offers senior citizens many benefit programs to help you and your family. Review our listed resources to learn more.

New York State Government Resources
New York State has substantial information on aging available. Let our resources guide you through the many different options.

New York City Links
Visit New York City's Office of the Aging and learn about the different benefits and programs that NYC offers its senior residents.

Nassau County Links
Visit your local County Government Senior Citizens Affairs or learn about the different benefits and programs that Nassau offers its senior residents.

Suffolk County Links
Visit the Suffolk County Government Office of the Aging or learn about the different benefits and programs that Suffolk County offers its senior residents.

Health Issues
There are various illnesses and health concerns which are age-related. Review our resources for information on senior health issues.

Care Management
When a loved one requires care, having a trusted Geriatric Care Manager could help prevent many unnecessary problems. Learn about senior care management through our resources.

Caregiving & Caregivers
Those that care for our elderly have their own special needs and also require special attention. Review our resources to help you make it through your day.

Legal Resources
As we age, we have our own unique legal concerns. Over the past twenty years, "elder law" has evolved to help address those needs.

Senior Interest & Advocacy Groups
Organizations play an important role in having our voices heard on various important issues. Review our links to these groups and perhaps you can discover an advocacy group that can help you!

Alzheimer's Disease
There are many Alzheimer’s disease resources available to help you better understand your loved ones condition, teach you how to handle the disease more efficiently, and provide support to the caregiver.

Senior Housing Resources
The topic of senior housing is one of the most serious concerns that faces our aging population. Learn what your options are with our resources.

Continuing Retirement Communities
View different continuing retirement communities on Long Island.

Elder Abuse
Elder abuse is a general term used to describe harmful acts toward the elderly. Abuse can take many forms and can include physical, psychological or emotional, sexual, and financial.

Senior Driving
As people age, certain changes take place in their bodies such as decreased vision, impaired hearing, and delayed motor skills that may allow for poor driving habits.

Senior Recreation and Volunteer Opportunities
There are many organizations that offer recreation programs for seniors all across Long Island. Both town and county departments provide regular recreation activities for seniors in their area.

Employment Services for Seniors
Age does not determine when one can work. Whether it is for financial reasons, or just wanting to get back into the work force, there are programs that can assist seniors with finding jobs.

Continuing Education
State and public Long Island universities are able to offer courses to senior citizens on a space-available basis from little to no cost.

Numerous town departments offer senior transportation for services ranging from doctor appointments to grocery shopping.

Health Care Products and Assisted Devices
Visit links that will allow you to explore a variety of medical supplies.

New York Medicare
Almost everyone is familiar with this Federal health program for those over 65 years of age, but review our listed websites to gather more information on delivery of services, appeals and providers.

New York Medicaid
Perhaps the most misunderstood Federal program, Medicaid Medical Assistance has evolved into the primary financial source for chronic care payments in our Country's nursing homes. Our resources can help you to understand the complexities, risks and benefits of this program.

Managed Long Term Care Plans
The New York State Department of Health has now made it mandatory for individuals to join a Managed Long Term Care Plan if they have both Medicaid and Medicare, need home care, adult day health care, or other long term care for more than 120 days, and are 21 years of age or older.

Planning for Long-Term Care / Insurance
Approximately 65% of us will face some form of Long-Term Care. Investigate how you can plan for this expensive risk both financially and legally.

Assisted Living
This community based option offers many advantages to our aging friends. Review all of the information necessary to help make an informed decision as to whether New York Assisted living is right for you or your loved one. Our geographical listings can help you research different facilities.

Home Healthcare Agencies
When care is necessary, most seniors prefer to stay at home for as long as possible. Use our county specific listings to help you determine which provider may be best for you.

Companion/Errand Assistance
A companion aide can provide social interaction or supervision for your loved one.

Nursing Homes
If you or a loved one needs Nursing Home Care, investigate which facility may be best by reviewing our geographically-based listings.

Social and Medical Model Day Programs
Social Model Day programs offer daily supervision of the frail elderly. Medical Model Adult Day Care programs offer a broad spectrum of health and social services.

Local Doctors for Homebound
Local doctors can assist seniors that are currently homebound receive good health care.

Local Resources for Homebound
Local organizations and professionals can assist seniors that are currently homebound receive good care and services to help them safely stay at home.

Independent Living Facilities
Independent Living Facilities allow seniors to make the transition out of their homes without giving up their independence before they are ready. This type of living facility generally offers amenities such as housekeeping services, dining, social activities, and personal laundry.

Hospice & End-Of-Life Care
Dignity and respect must be the standard when end-of-life decisions and care are necessary. Our Palliative Care resources, listed by geographical area, can help at this often difficult time.

Geriatric Doctors
View a list of Geriatric Doctors in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Bronx County, Kings County, and Manhattan.

The men and women that have served this country deserve our gratitude and support. This section contains information on federal, state and local resources to point the veteran and family in the right direction.

Respite and Low Cost Home Health Care Assistance
Respite care is short-term care provided by a trained companion in order to give caregivers of the homebound temporary relief from their duties.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) are particular areas such as housing complexes, apartments and neighborhoods where there are an abundance of senior citizens living in a specific community.