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Medicaid Home Care & Managed Care

The New York State Department of Health has now made it mandatory for individuals to join a Managed Long Term Care Plan if they have both Medicaid and Medicare, need home care, adult day health care, or other long term care for more than 120 days, and are 21 years of age or older.

Managed Long Term Care Plans provide services and support to people with long-lasting health problems or disabilities. In the past, home care services were administered by the Department of Social Services. A Nurse from the Department of Social Services would assess the individual’s needs and determine the amount of hours for care. Once hours were determined, an individual would contract with a Home Care agency approved by Medicaid and start receiving services. Now, Managed Care Plans will be administering and approving the amount of home care hours needed. Each plan has its own group of home care agencies, professionals and providers. A person-centered Plan of Care is supposed to be developed. An individual will be assigned a Care Manager who will assist you in developing a Plan of Care that will meet your specific needs. All Plans provide Medicaid home care and other community long-term care services. Some Plans also provide Medicare services, including doctor and office visits. If you join a plan that covers Medicare health services, you then must get your care from that Plan’s doctors and medical specialists.

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